A Supporting Role

We recognise that one way in which we could help certain ex-residents is to offer them the opportunity to volunteer at Wytham Hall in some capacity. Support offered by someone who has ‘been there and done it’ can be a far more effective motivator for our residents.

This year we have been delighted to welcome back Craig to volunteer with us in this capacity. Craig eagerly took up his role without fear and with a determination to help others.


Firstly, he set up a resident computer station using a mixture of old and new computer hardware. The aim was to provide somewhere for residents to have access to a computer and some basic computer guidance.

He also began to develop relationships with a number of organisations to support both departing and incoming residents in their rehousing. Support so far has included the provision of furniture, setting up arrangements with utility companies and obtaining free gift vouchers for basic domestic items such as mugs and cutlery.

We have also received support from Wendy Tomlin to provide a service that focuses on motivating residents on a one to one basis to achieve certain self-selected goals e.g. a first ever trip abroad and the planning and execution of a quiz afternoon.

This support can help residents through a change in their lives, to plan for a trip, to look for volunteering opportunities, to manage any risk-taking, working through blocks that stand in the way of success, rising to the challenge of new, and often intimidating, experiences and more.

Given the time constraints placed on the staff team, it is seldom that we can find the time to provide such intense one-to-one support and its value should not be underestimated.