A Coming Together

Often our residents find themselves to have become very isolated and in some cases it was ever thus.

Networks are important in all our lives whether this be colleagues, friends, family, or associates. If we were to remove most, if not all of these from our lives, then it is highly likely that we would all function poorly. What if you had lost them all, or had never really had any of them? This is the situation facing some of our residents and it is a situation that can be difficult to turn around.


It is much easier to achieve something if we work together and success is typically achieved through hard work and dedication and such efforts require that we have the motivation and belief that we are not wasting our efforts in the first place. For many, motivation is often generated by encouragement, enthusiasm and support from others. Motivation can also help to provide some resilience in the face of challenge.

Wytham Hall staff are, in a sense, for ‘Christmas and not for life’ and so it is important that we help and encourage our residents to develop a network of their very own that is independent of us and will outlast us. A network that is supportive and nourishing and provides them with someone to talk to, to share a story with, to provide a shoulder to cry on, or to just be there.


A network can also help generate a purpose to life, which for many of our residents was unthinkable having been cast aside so many times. We encourage residents to seek new networks through volunteering, hobbies, health activities and engagement with the local community. These are networks they can develop over time and fall back upon in times of need.

We are proud to work in the way we do. We encourage collaboration with other organisations within and without the sector in an attempt to find effective solutions to the impact of homelessness and the frequently associated mental and physical health difficulties. A coming together of minds is as equally needed as is a coming together of souls.