Residents are expected to stay for a maximum of two-years, although this may be shorter if the resident no longer requires the support offered, or their needs increase such that adequate support cannot be offered. Assessments are made at regular intervals to determine the best pathway for the resident.

There is an expectation that residents work with their key worker from day one on the best move on options. Support is given throughout in relation to the work the resident needs to do to get ready for a move away from Wytham Hall.

We are able to provide re-housing advice and referrals to suitable re-housing support organisations. We do not provide move-on accommodation. Options for move on typically include Clearing House or to private rented accommodation. Residents are encouraged to engage with all move on options and are required to do so by their licence.

Residents will be supported for a short period after moving to ensure they settle into their new accommodation, are engaging with appropriate support and where appropriate, maintain a link with Wytham Hall.