Wytham Hall has a ‘homely’ environment where residents can create a firm base for themselves. The properties are mostly quiet which allow residents time and space to reflect on the issues they face. Social contact with one another is encouraged but residents can join in with community life as much or as little as they like.

Each of the properties have characteristics of their own. Wytham Hall is a Victorian 5 storey house on leafy Sutherland Avenue. The staff are based here so see the residents all the time.


Lanhill Road is a 4 storey house near Elgin Avenue. Residents are encouraged to manage the property together and there are good opportunities to get to know others via the communal lounge, garden and kitchen.

The 2 Charfield Court properties are flats with 4 residents in each. Due to the proximity they live to one another, the management of the properties lies with the residents and residents get to know each other well.