Do residents have to be at home by a certain time in the evening?

Residents are free to come and go as they please 24 hours per day. However, if they are going to be away for a few days, we ask them to let us know so that we know that they are safe.

Are residents allowed visitors?

Residents may have visitors between the hours of 10am and 11pm. i.e. No overnight guests at any of the properties. Residents are responsible for their guests and are not allowed guests that have been drinking alcohol or using drugs, or if they have alcohol or drugs on their person.

Do residents need to help maintain the property?

Residents are required to do their own cleaning and to carry out their share of the communal cleaning tasks. There is a cleaner who can support them in this, but residents are expected to do most things themselves.

Are pets allowed?

Unfortunately not.

Is there a service charge?

Yes, but it is generously low.

Do I have a room to myself or will I have to share with others?

Yes, you will have your own room, but will share a kitchen, bathroom, living room and other communal spaces.

Is Wytham Hall for both men and women?

Yes, most of our current residents are male, but this is not through design. Women are most welcome.

What is the average age of those living at Wytham Hall?

Most of our current residents are in their 40’s or 50’s with some even older, but we do have some residents who are younger.

How long can residents stay at Wytham Hall?

Rehousing is a topic we discuss with our residents throughout their stay with us and we aim to agree a plan from the outset. We aim to find suitable rehousing options within 2 years, but our residents sometimes stay a little longer than this. Most of our residents either move into ‘Clearing House’ accommodation, or into private rented accommodation. Typically, rehousing options are outside of the borough of Westminster.